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Evolution of GIS-based rural electrification planning models and an application of OnSSET in Nigeria

In recent times, several GIS-based models have been developed to support rural electrification planning in development countries. This study provides an overview of these models and applies one of the models (i.e. OnSSET) to Kaduna State to demonstrate its capabilities.  More details

Supporting the development of mini-grid projects

We are providing bespoke support to Metikon Engineering Ltd to develop stand-alone SHS projects and mini-grids as part of Rural Electrification Fund grant of the Rural Electrification Agency, Nigeria.

Project Appraisal for ICEESR

We have been engaged by the International Centre for Energy and Environmental Sustainability Research (ICEESR) to provide technical support in the development of the ICEESR Laboratory Project

Development of a GIS-based Road Information System for Akwa Ibom State

We are developing a GIS-based road information system for Akwa Ibom State to support economic-based decision making for road development

GIS_based rural electrification planning in KEDC area

We are using OnSSET to carry out a GIS_based rural electrification planning for states covered by the Kaduna Electricity Distributing Company